Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A New Fence

What do you do when something happens that you cannot control, even though you've tried and tried and tried to prevent the something from happening? How about a smoothie and a poem?

A New Fence

A white cup
filled with
blood colored berries
fall apples
honeybee honey
almonds, golden, crushed
While the fence outside
is pulled down
to make way for
the fence, a new fence
to obstruct our view
of the golden fields
where I could sit and watch kestrels dive
and coyotes hunt
and drink from
a white cup


  1. Sorry about the new fence. Perhaps one of your clumbsiest of friends could come visit you and drive her car directly into the new fence? And somehow manage to get it mangled on the hood of her car? And drive away fast through the fields, only to have the fence fall off her car several miles away? And then drive back and sit with you on your fenceless patio and share a bottle of wine, watching kestrels dive and coyotes hunt? Consider it...

  2. That would be fantastic. You might need a tank though with all the steel rods in this fence!