Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Genetically Modified Salmon. Is that really necessary?

In Alaska, Chinook salmon are the state fish

Ok, maybe I am a bit out of touch, but since when did GMO Salmon become a real thing? And, why in the world would the FDA approve it? AND there is speculation that the Frankensalmon will not be labeled as such. I had to post this up in order to remind myself that in a world such as this, the idea of being vegetarian/vegan (which is what you are if you live the raw lifestyle) is becoming more and more appealing. 

The company that has created these salmon is called Aqua Bounty. After a quick search, I haven't found much information about them, but there is a bit in this Wikipedia article about aquaculture (scroll down to the Genetic Modification paragraph).

Today (before listening to the gross newscast), I was feeling a bit hungrier than normal. Usually I have a ravenous appetite. What comes after ravenous? Crazed? Well, anyway, I was thinking that a hamburger sounded kind of delicious and then I turned on the radio and heard this report about the salmon. Ok Universe, I am listening, and I can hear you loud and clear. I made bean tacos and a nice salad with some papaya and sesame seeds. Appetite quelled for now.

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