Friday, August 6, 2010

Chow for my Chow Chow

Our dog Francis is the best! But, she's had a tough time with food allergies. After following endless veterinarian recommendations and bouts with antibiotics and enduring hot spot hell, my friend Mandi gave me her dog food recipe. I played with it for a while and ended up with this version. You can certainly change out the protein source and adjust it for your dog's needs. We also use some Chinese supplements and nutritional powders that I will save for another post.

This diet has drastically changed they way her coat looks- it is so much healthier- and all of her itchy hot spots have disappeared. I found that Francis is most likely allergic or sensitive to Rice which is the ingredient you will find in lots of dog foods and recipes. If your dog is having problems, try removing all grain from her diet. Replacements can come in the form of starches like Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes. I have served her Quinoa too and that seems like a wonderful alternative.

I find it so interesting that at this time we are experiencing food allergies at such a high level in the human as well as the pet population. What does that say about the way that we are eating? I just started Brigitte Mars' Rawsome today. Thinking that it will change even further the way I cook (or not cook) and eat (and what I serve to my pets and family)!

Easy Homemade Dog Food

I make this recipe once a week. Or Ryan does, which is nice because although the recipe is easy, the pots you are left with to wash are lots of work.

3 lbs. Ground Buffalo
2 lbs. Carrots
5lbs. Potatoes
1 lb Frozen Spinach
1lb Frozen Broccoli
Olive Oil

Wash Carrots and Potatoes. I usually fill up the sink and let them soak a bit, followed by a scrub. Using a food processor fitted with the grater attachment, shred the Carrots. Add to large pot. Using a slicer attachment, slice the Potatoes. Add to pot. Fill pot with water and bring to boil on stove. Reduce to simmer and cook for about 15 minutes or until Potatoes are just tender. Strain. Cook Buffalo in large skillet. Return Potatoes and Carrots to large pot, add Frozen Spinach and Broccoli, and cooked Buffalo. Stir gently but thoroughly. Place half mixture into a large container in the fridge and the other half in the freezer. This should last a 50-60lb dog about 7 days. Yum yum! You can eat it too! I like to drizzle the food with Olive Oil before serving to add a little fat because Buffalo is so lean. Happy dog!!

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