Monday, July 26, 2010

Lillabee is Oh So Yummy!

I was at the Boulder Farmer's Market a few weekends ago, and had the good fortune to sample some cupcakes from the Lillabee stand. My tastebuds are not the sugar-craving kind. I don't usually like baked goods. Maybe that has something to do with being gluten-free and telling myself I really don't want that cupcake or brownie. Or maybe I'm just a bitter girl. bite of a Lillabee blueberry cupcake, and I was smitten. It was dense, not too sweet, and had no grainy icky-ness that comes with a lot of those mixes. As they say on a promotional postcard, the cupcake has "classic taste and texture." And, I guess Centro uses their pancake mix for brunch because they prefer it, not just because it's GF. But it must be seasonal, as I don't see pancakes on the menu at the moment. Darn, for a minute there, I was craving pancakes!

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